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Lynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle

Progress on two of the Manning Wardles. Built by hand from nickel silver and brass, with all details meticulously researched and reproduced.

A small batch of these very well loved and famous engines is now underway. This is my early stage CAD working drawing developed from original Manning Wardle drawings and research material obtained from L&B expert Stephen Phillips.

LMS Compound

This model of an LMS Compound encompasses all of my ideals as a model maker, where every process for the manufacture of each part is selected to create the best outcome. It has been built with the fewest possible compromises and includes wheels made to the Scaleseven standard.

It is approximately 90% complete, requiring small fittings and details to be made.

LMS Compound to Scaleseven standards

The chassis is made completely of nickel silver with all parts fabricated, machined or turned by hand. The Scaleseven wheelset is by Richard Hersey.

LMS Compound tender. The prototype was rebuilt from an earlier bogie tender design

All of the valvegear is machined from solid nickel silver, incorporating all prototype features