T J Mallard

My name is Tom Mallard and I am a full time professional model maker. Welcome to my online pages.

The models I make are usually of locomotives in the scales of 7mm:ft (1:43.5) and 4mm:ft (1:76.2).

Each model is the result of many 100’s of hours of research, design and meticulous construction:

Research from works drawings and photographic material and consultation with experts in their field where necessary.

Design in the form of transferring prototype drawing data into a detailed CAD model which informs the entirety of the rest of the build.

Construction is all metal, primarily in nickel silver with some brass used and utilises the best process or technique for the particular component being made. Parts are hand cut and formed, turned, machined, etched, cast or embossed as required and soldered together. Completed models are painted with finely applied cellulose or enamel paint.