The processes employed in constructing and finishing the models are many and increasingly varied.

Scratchbuilt models always start with sourcing copies of as many prototype works drawings as possible. Detail variations specific to the model being built are identified at this stage, and photographs also acquired.

My scratchbuilt 7mm scale or larger models are totally designed, developed and built by me to the highest standards using nickel silver sheet, turned and/or machined nickel silver or brass components, with castings as required taken from my own original masters. The specification includes machined valvegear, all cab fittings and full rivet and bolthead detail.

Often my scratchbuilt 4mm scale models make very good use of etched metal. Transfer of works drawings to the computer is used to design the model for proper fit and assembly before etching. This process is particularly suited to valvegear in this scale where fabrication would be extremely laborious, time consuming and unlikely to produce a better result. For 7mm scale and above, I would still prefer to machine the rods and valvegear, where the relief and fluting of the real thing must be properly captured.

The character, proportions, fidelity and integrity of the prototype will be accurately reproduced in each of my scratchbuilt mode
ls by reference to extensive works drawings and careful observation.