Welcome to my internet pages, where a selection of the models I have made are displayed. Hopefully of interest to prospective clients, friends and other modellers: - on these pages there should be something for everyone. In due course I hope to update the site as models are finished - maybe not every one, but ones which add variety or hold more of a personal connection.

All my clients' models have been made strictly to commission, using scratch-building, etched parts or kits, or a combination of these where appropriate. An extensively equipped workshop enables me to turn, machine or master almost any part.

In my view, and most particularly in my 4mm scale work, etched parts can facilitate the best outcome by saving time, effort and ending up with a higher quality result. Where this is necessary the design, layout and artwork creation are undertaken solely by me.

Future Plans

Starting 2015, my long term objective is to commence scratchbuilt models in 7mm scale
and possibly 1/32nd scale of the following prototypes: - Southern Railway N15 and King Arthur, Peppercorn A1 and A2, WD Austerity 2-8-0, GWR Pannier Tank of either 850 class or 57xx class, Lynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle and NGG16 Beyer Garratt. The collection of relevent works drawings and research material is well under way for a number of these.

Others open to consideration are the Southern Railway Mogul and Lord Nelson classes, Beyer Garratt K1 and GWR Dean Goods. I hope it is apparent that I am not restricting myself to standard gauge engines.

These are of personal interest hence the varied selection and also prototypes yet to be visited as scratchbuilt models of the highest standard in these scales. To enquire, please use the details on my contact page.

The last update to this site was January 2015.

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